Hey there, I’m Karrissa.






A dedicated athlete knows what the coach wants to be done. A respectful athlete knows how to play a clean game.  An obedient athlete follows the calls of the coach to a “T”. A submitted athlete does not argue the call of a referee. A hard-trained athlete runs after victory with determination. In that same way, we as Christians should be dedicated to what our heavenly father has planned. We should be respectful to God and live a life that reflects Him. We should be obedient to what He instructs us to do. And as sold-out believers, we should chase after lost souls with God’s love and saving grace in our hearts. We serve a God that is amazing! He has no limits. He has given us power through the Holy Spirit, so we should be like a hard-trained athlete in our faith: never backing down and always working to be better. SportsAndTheCross is a blog for athletes that will give you knowledge from God’s word, helpful tips and ways to improve your game and faith, and not take all day. There are also many features of SportsAndTheCross that will help you grow both athletically and spiritually. On the Home page there are additional pages you can click on located in a row at the top of the screen. “That’s Legit” is a page where inspirational sports stories are posted regularly to keep you working hard toward your goal. “Anthem of the Month” is a page dedicated to good music to listen to when preparing for a game or after. A new song will be posted every month. “Weekly Huddle” is a devotional updated once a week. These devotionals will help keep you in God’s word. “Food of Champions” consists of tips for healthy eating and the “Fitness” tab gives tips on how to stay fit outside of practice. Enjoy!

Play Hard. Pray Harder.



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